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Aplikacja (roczna angielska) The Audio Bible Koperta brazowa

Want to gift someone access to The Audio Bible Super Production app? Now you can do it in elegant style!

W brązowej kopercie przewiązanej złotą wstążką umieszczamy kod ROCZNEGO DOSTĘPU do angielskiej aplikacji Biblii Audio.

The application includes:
-The Audio Bible Super Production, a recording of the New American Bible, revised edition (NABRE) featuring talented voiceovers including: Celia Gruss, Roy Samuelson, Alicia Bachleda-Curus, Bill Rogers, John Weisgerber, Michael Berger, Ted Evans and others.

-Fragment for today, which is the passage of Scripture read that day during Mass.

Coming soon:

-The KIDS Audio Bible, a collection of 150 story passages from Scripture selected specifically for younger listeners.

The recordings are accompanied by binaural sound which makes the recorded sounds literally surround the viewer allowing to experience the biblical stories in a whole new way.

How to use the code in the mobile application?

1. download the app here:

  • Android: bit.ly/BAANDROID
  • iOS: bit.ly/BAIOS

2. log into your account or register under the PROFILE tab.
3. go to My plan tab, Use promo code.